02 May 2008


Okay, okay already! I'm back.

The "fans" (read: my Dad and one friend) have been knocking down my door, demanding that I post, complaining that their days feel empty without a little bit of Pancho to fill 'em up. So here I am.

As I've mentioned in all of my explanatory / excuse me posts, I've been quite busy here in Asheville, North Carolina. I continue to stroll through the world of the gainfully unemployed, working a variety of jobs, changing hats and trousers in both a metaphorical and very real sense.

Yesterday, for instance, I spent the better part of the day digging holes, planting shrubbery, cutting trees (with a chainsaw! a lifelong aspiration...) and hanging out with my mountainy counterparts on the jobsite. Immediately after finishing work, I drove home like a maniac, showered my beaten, tired, scratched body, changed my clothes, and left the house to teach a Spanish class for adults. And then this morning I woke early to tutor high school students and substitute teach at a middle school.

So I've been busy.

And tomorrow is the record release show for Sirius.B, my band here in NC. We'll be releasing our debut album, Dazzling Urbanites, and celebrating the event with a huge show at the Rocket Club, a new music venue here in town. As an opening act, we've secured the services of Bootstraps Burlesque, the newest burlesque act in Asheville. (You can read about them and the show here.)

If you're interested in buying a CD or coming to the show (if you're local), just vist www.siriusbmusic.com. It is all available there.

I hope not to disappoint anymore. Consider this my triumphant return to the wonderful world of blogging.

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