08 May 2008

Our Great President

For the first time today George W. Bush made me smile.

Scratch that -- For the first time today, George W. Bush made me smile for any reason other than involuntarily flexing my mouth muscles whilst laughing at one of his famous gaffs.

I opened up my bank account and found money in it! I received my much awaited economic stimulus rebate. Now granted, this money that I now have will probably do a great part in ensuring that we experience another Great Depression, and I will probably end up hating baked beans as much as my maternal grandmother does. But I've got money!

To make myself very clear: I find this economic stimulus package idea to be as dumb an idea as the gasoline tax "vacation" now being considered, but like a starving Roman receiving bread and a chance to see a Christian get gored by a lion, I'm all smiles today.

In other news:

I drove to Winston-Salem yesterday (about two and a half hours) to meet with bosses and colleagues about my summer job. This year, rather than going to Southern Spain, I will be traveling as the Director on the Abbey Road Western Civilization Tour. We will trace the path of the civilized White Man through the ages, following his accomplishments from Athens to Rome to Florence to Paris.

Sirius.B has another show this Saturday, at BoBo, a local art gallery / bar / music venue where we have played many times. I consider this show to be a 2nd Record Release, coming as it does just on the coattails of our true record release last week at the Rocket Club. -- And speaking of the Rocket Club, the show was a great success--the audience numbered somewhere in the ballpark of 250 people, all dancing, carousing, and singing along. The bar was so unprepared for this turnout that they ran out of clean glasses and at one point were turning away thirsty revelers.

You can still buy the CD online at www.siriusbmusic.com

More soon.

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