21 June 2008

48 Hour Film Project

I've just made some very strange music on Garage Band, and I would like to share with y'all.

The music is to be used on the soundtrack of a film that some friends are making for the 48 Hour Film Festival here in Asheville. The idea of the Festival is:

At seven o' clock on a Friday night (this year, this was yesterday), people must report to a central location where they are given a film genre, a line of dialogue, a character name and description, and one prop. They then have forty-eight hours to make a film and hand it in to be judged and screened.

So I'm the soundtrack guy, making a soundtrack to a film that I've never seen. And it is quite strange music indeed.

Oh, and their character was a printer, thus all the printer references. Enjoy.

And another "Oh" -- I wrote and recorded all of these songs today -- Just bear that in mind when listening.

(And sorry for the crap writing -- it has been a long day)


Don Quixote
Finger Harp
I'll Never Print Again
The Printer

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