17 August 2008


I was looking the other day at some old posts from this blog, and I felt a bit embarrassed. One year ago (or so), I was still writing multiple-page blogs that required extensive scrolling and long periods of time to read. Today, I'm lucky to get off one half-assed post a week.

Perhaps this will change sometime soon, I'm not sure. I guess these things all depend on how much time I'm sitting around thinking about the one exciting thing that I've done recently. There's probably some sort of mathematical equation that could relate the amount of time that I spend doing cool things to the length and frequency of my blog posts. Perhaps it's just a seasonal thing, and the worse the weather, the longer and more common the posts.


This post will not be the one to change everything, but maybe the next one will be.

I'm back in Asheville, and so very happy to be with my loved ones and my friends and my dog and my garden. I'm enjoying everyone's company and loving the taste of my fresh tomatoes and herbs and peppers and eggplant and watching my watermelons grow. I'm also excited to be starting work -- teaching Spanish (and phys ed.) to little kids at a small local school, translating a website or two, perhaps getting some tutoring work once again.

Less exciting is the prospect of hiring a lawyer and beginning (hopefully not for long) to pay the hospital bills for my fall from a friend's porch in June.

The positives certainly outweigh the negatives though, and it is truly wonderful to be back home.

I'll put up some more pictures soon of the rest of my France trip, as well as some A-ville shots. I hope that all are well. Be good.

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