10 August 2008

United States

I'm back on my maternal shores, once again sucking at the proverbial teat of good ol' Momma Patria.

My flight was uneventful and as pleasant as a transatlantic flight could be, chock full of movies and French cheese and Perrier and tomato juice.

Unfortunately, Beth and I had to travel on separate flights, and her flights wer somewhat less pleasant than mine (delays and the like). She too is safe and sound, however, so all is well.

I'll be here in the Jersey / New York area for a few days before heading down to Asheville early next week.

I hope that all are well. I'll get some more photos up once I've had a chance to wade through them back at home. (Thanks, Zen, for letting me off the hook).

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  1. (Thanks, Zen, for letting me off the hook).

    Sure, but - like life - your time isn't unlimited you know!