09 September 2008


I've been quite busy lately changing hats.

Sunday afternoon I was a rocker at the LAAFF Festival (Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival), an amazing street party here in Asheville that features local artists and musicians. We played at the EarthFare / BoBo Stage, and had a crowd of two to three hundred for our 45-minute set.

Yesterday I was a Spanish teacher in the morning, then quickly became a Phys.Ed. teacher, then once again became a Spanish teacher. All of this at the Learning Community, a school in Black Mountain, NC, about 30 minutes from Asheville.

Tonight I try on the GRE teacher hat, as I begin to teach a Kaplan course to prepare students for the Graduate Record Examination.

Thus the lack of posts of late. Thus my groaning and cussing as I try to figure out what the heck I need to do today.

More soon.

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