26 January 2009

Anyone out there?

Who knows if anyone still reads this....

I sure wouldn't at this point. It may be time, soon enough, to retire the blog. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right?

Things are good in Asheville, and perhaps when things are at their best, my blogging it at its worst.

I'm getting married. The band is going well. I have found an amazing and intense creative outlet in pottery. I am working a number of different jobs. I feel pulled (in a healthy manner) in a million different directions. Every minute of every day is important.

So that's good.

Perhaps, indeed, the only time that I might find for this blog is this time. The time, from 6 to 6:50 every Monday and Wednesday when my job is to sit with my college students in the computer lab and ensure that they do their work.

So maybe I am back in business.


  1. Don't give up the ghost.

  2. will you post pictures of the wedding!