11 January 2009

Wine Bottle Stoppers

UPDATE: These pieces have sold. I will be making a bunch more in the near future, which will be quite similar, though the faces are always different and new. If you wish to pre-order for pieces to be completed soon (within the week), please write to me and I'll reserve some for you!

I've been working on some new pieces at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts, here in Asheville, NC. They're hand sculpted and for sale!

$25 each. $70 for all three, with stand. More on the way (approximately 20 heads ready to go), but this is all that I've got for now. If you're interested, just drop me an email at christophermbond@gmail.com.

Anyone interested in other work (see below), such as the darker sculpted bottles with cork heads (a collaborative effort with Beth Flanagan), may contact me as well. Thanks as always for all of your support!


1 comment:

  1. these are fabulous pancho!! i am impressed!! you should make fat baby faces! love you!