09 February 2009


When did Facebook become so damn ubiquitous? All of a sudden everyone I know has a page.

Mom? Dad? Uncle Chuck?

I've got no problem with it all, I just find it so bizarre. It strikes me as odd that I, a 29 year old, have a Facebook page. And, to be honest, I haven't really figured out the reason that I have one. Maybe living in the mountains I have lost the parts of my soul that understand social networking? Maybe I just don't spend enough hours in front of the computer these days? I don't know. It's a mystery to me.

I have, indeed, been quite busy, and spending time before the computer has been a rare activity these days. Seems like not so long ago, I somehow found the time to waste on watching online television (thus making my pride for not owning a TV completely absurd), knocking out entire seasons of favorite shows with a pugilistic excellence that would have impressed Ali himself.

All that seems a thing of the past since I started working four jobs or so and trying to find the time to learn the skills necessary to actually call myself a potter. I've been practicing my wheel-throwing skills, which are improving rapidly. Last night I threw with porcelain for the first time, which was delicious. It felt and looked exactly like it would feel to throw cream cheese. I don't think it would have tasted as good though.

If it had tasted good, I'd still be snacking now, since my less than neat throwing style generally results in the creation of clay deposits in the least likely of places. (Perhaps not quite as unlikely or interesting as you're thinking....though I've generally got some clay in my ears, on my nose, and currently there is a nice chunk stuck to my spectacles).

I've also been spending a great deal of time on my bottle-stopper heads. I finally found a wholesale distributor for the necessary hardware, thus ensuring a constant supply of the product. (Which is always for sale -- 30 buckaroos with shipping. Every piece is unique. Every piece is guaranteed to make you chuckle every time your seal or unseal a bottle of whatever it is you've got. They make great gifts too...)

I'll put pictures of the new pieces up soon.

Oh, and check out my new business cards. Enjoy 'em:

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  1. Facebook is the continuation of the trend of reaching out for human contact without actually contacting any humans! Telephones are too personal. Cell phones were better when you had to get on and get off due to the expense. As they got cheaper, they required too much human contact. Then texting worked and now facebook. One can sit in their underwear, at home, and claim to have many 'friends' while never actually speaking to anyone. What will be the next form of impersonal communication? If you have a guess, write it on my wall on facebook but please, don't call me!