04 January 2010

India and the Islands

Tonight, Beth and I prepared a delicious Indian feast for dinner, thus continuing on our recent trend of making delicious, amazing, and well developed meals.

I cooked up an Indian chicken dish, sort of a by-the-seat-of-the-pants type of dish. It was nicely spiced and cooked with yogurt and tomato and topped with peanuts. It was very nice. I also made a saag (spinach) paneer with the homemade paneer (Indian cheese) we made the other day. Beth made fantastic homemade naan bread. It was delicious.

We're topping it all off with some kava kava, a traditional beverage of Hawaii, Fiji, and some other places that is meant to have a soporific effect, in addition to making one feel an extreme sense of well-being. I have had it before (you buy the powder or root at health food stores, and there are different ways to prepare it) and have found it to be something akin to a strong cup of chamomile tea, though perhaps I prepared it wrong, and was thus cheated of the full experience.

But, practice make perfect. Perhaps this new method (for me) of blending it with water and straining it through a cloth will work better, and provide me with an island sense of well-being.

I'll keep you posted.

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