01 March 2011

Sirius.B Shows

My band, Sirius.B, will be playing a number of shows in Asheville in the upcoming weeks.  Come join us at one!

March 5th - Jack of the Wood

March 6th - Mardi Gras Ball (Pack's Tavern, after the Mardi Gras Parade)

March 13th - JCC Benefit Show (former Usual Suspects, now Avenue M)

Also, enjoy this video, which I've posted before.  It is but a small feeling of what a Sirius.B show is like.  It's from the the Orange Peel in October, when we opened for the Yard Dogs Road Show.

And....We've got a new official member! Mr. Mattick Frick is now a fully fledged member of Sirius.B.  A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Mr. Frick is joining us primarily in his capacity as a drummer and singer.  Meaning that we've now got TWO drummers and ZERO members of the band that sit down.  Also meaning that we are now an EIGHT piece band. We're sort of an orchestra really.

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